Artifical Grass FAQ’s


How much grass will I need?

Your area can be worked out on squared graph paper to form an accurate plan. All products from Easylawn are available in 2mtr (6ft6″) & 4m (13ft) widths.

How do I obtain samples?

We provide free samples directly to you in the post, just fill out the contact form with your request. There is a link to request a free sample on each product page.

What about drainage?

All products from Easylawn will drain 100% provided that the area beneath has good drainage.

Will my artificial grass fade in the sun?

All our products are fully UV stabilised and carry a minimum guarantee of 5 years against fading.

What about maintenance of my artificial grass?

Artificial Grass is easily maintained, always keep the lawn clear of debris such as leaves, twigs and seeds by regular brushing, this also helps to keep the pile looking great.

What about cleaning?

Any spills, dog mess etc. are easily cleaned off using warm water and mild houshold detergent.

Is it suitable for pets?

Yes, artificial lawns provide a super surface for dogs and cats to play on. Our products are durable and any mess can easily be cleaned up either by garden hose, rain water or warm water and mild houshold detergent.

Will weeds grow up through my new lawn?

Provided weed kill has been applied to the sub strate prior to fitting, weeds will not grow through your artificial grass. In addition geotextile membranes can be laid under the grass to stop this.

Do i need to dress the grass with sand?

Most Easylawn products do not need a sand dressing however there are some that do. The dry kiln sand helps to hold the artificial grass down but also helps to keep the fibres in a more upright position thus enhancing the appearance of your lawn.

Is artificial grass safe for children?

Yes, our products are safe for children to play on as if it were your normal garden area. However we must point out that in commercial areas that cater for children, such as play centres, play warehouses etc. correct shockpad / underlay products must be intalled to accommodate the correct fall heights. Please contact us should you require any further information regarding this.